2018 bmi 130CuYd walking floor® trailer

2018 bmi 130CuYd walking floor® trailer

Moving Floor Trailers




Hydraulic Moving Floor 100 Cu.M. (130 Cu.Yd).

3 x SAF 9 Tonne IntraDisc axles with SAF Intrax off-road duty suspension on2040mm track.

Raise/lower valve fitted with auto reset, handle RH side at the rear.

10mm Domex Rubbing Plate c/w single bolt in kingpin position.

EC Approved alloy side guard rails on steel galvanized hinged supports.

Alloy valance wings integral to body with hinged rear fitted mudflaps.

Domex 700 full-length chassis beams with 120 x 120 x 5 SHS cross members and ECWVTA approved rear underrun

Dual heavy-duty towing eyes fitted on the rear crash bar.

Heavy-Duty 2-speed landing legs with rocking feet. Handle on the left-hand side.

Landing legs: 24-volt electrical system to ISO standard, plus designated ABS/EBS socket. ELECTRICS Reverse bleeper fitted

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