Today is World Earth day

22 Apr 2021

Today, bmi trailers are embracing their support of World Earth day. It's our belief that companies across the globe have a corporate responsibility to protect the environment for our future and indeed our children's future. At bmi trailers, we understand that the logistics and supply chain sector play's a vital role in the way the world economy operates and bmi trailers want to lead the way with our suppliers and customers in providing a sustainable future. We started our campaign in 2020 to call upon our suppliers and customers to work with us in reducing our intake of plastics. We made this decision in our overall strategic plan and we feel that today is the perfect way to bring this task forward. As a company, we take our recycling responsibility very seriously and we are already recycling all our metals, wood batteries and chemicals, and some plastics, but of course, we could be doing much more. So, over the next 2 years, our companies ethos is to reduce our plastic intake to ZERO.If you can help us with our campaign we would love to hear from you, by sharing your corporate responsibility plans with us so please get in touch with our Marketing and Communications Manager Nichola Clarke at

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