#tweetbmi on Social Media

17 Apr 2015

In the technological age we live in, our presence on social media is monitored regularly to ensure we keep up to date with changing trends and allow our followers to view new trailers and new products on offer.

Our facebook page in particular has seen a massive jump in fans over the past few weeks, in fact over a 48 hour period last week, we saw over 100% increase in "likes".

We also had gains on our Twitter page and also on our sister company bmi VH's page. These are great outlet for customers and fans alike to view trailers as they leave the production line, as well as details of new and used vehicles available for sale.

Our current campaign running on both Facebook and Twitter is #tweetbmi, gives us an opportunity to answer any questions or queries you may have, or see photos of any of our vehicles you have seen on the road.

We also have a Flickr page and YouTube channel which are updated regularly with photos and videos of #walkingfloor and #ejector trailers.

If you have any ideas on how we could improve our social media presense, or a news item you think we might be interested in, use the hashtag #tweetbmi to let us know.