Bmi leads the way in the European Market

13 Mar 2013

2013 looks like the year that the European market might be more accessible to UK based manufacturers. The position of the Euro and the Sterling, added with the standardisation of vehicles under ECWVTA makes for a level playing field for companies in the UK.

So far this quarter, we can report enquiry levels are up and our website is recording a significant increase on hits from most of the main Europeans member countries.

BMI will forge ahead to confirm their position as the largest Walking Floor ® trailer producer in the UK with a keen eye to looking after the home market, but with a willingness to service the larger European Walking Floor ® market as well. Our range of Walking Floor trailers is still the widest, with trailers capable of carrying everything from sawdust, peat, to Asphalt, Tarmac and scrap metals.

The 3500SqM factory facility at Granville can easily be re-jigged to double production output in a single day shift, or increase further with the reintroduction of a second or third shift to meet the demand.