The bmi group awarded Carbon Footprint Certificate

15 Mar 2012

Following a month long assessment period, the bmi group has been awarded a CFP certificate for monitoring the company carbon footprint.

Reducing our carbon output is one of the many steps the company is taking in its bid to become more eco-friendly and plans to monitor emissions over the coming months with a view of implementing new work procedures and seeking alternative fuels. It is hoped that in addition to improving our CO2 efficiency, these procedural changes will also lead to lower costs at a time when cost control is very much in focus.

We have set ourselves a target of a 10% decrease per year over the next 10 years, by seeking out alternative fuels, implementing new work procedures and encouraging staff to monitor and decrease their own carbon footprint.

Bmi once again are the first company in this sector to achieve this standard. As part of our CSR Corporate Social Responsibility, improving the working environment, while reducing costs is just too good an opportunity to miss.