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Moving Floor Trailers

Date:August 2015


Summer 2015 saw the delivery of five fresh walking floors to LPL Skip Hire & Recycling. LPL is a returning customer, who's recycling services around Antrim and the rest of Northern Ireland can only be strengthened by this expansion of their fleet.

We thank Paddy and all at LPL for their continued customer and good luck with their new fleet of walking floor trailers.

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Trailer Specification

  • Floor Type
  • 117 cu yd Walking Floor
  • Discs
  • SAF discs
  • Braking System
  • Knorr Bremse Braking System
  • Light Set
  • Rubbolite Light Set
  • Floor System
  • Cargo Floor Walking Floor System
  • Rollover Cover
  • PVC manually operated Rollover Cover
  • Door Type
  • 50/50 split barn type doors