Cargo Floor® Seamless Insulated Floor System

25 May 2018

The Cargo Floor Seamless Insulated Floor System has just returned back from a very successful trial with Churchill Stone of Letterkenny, Co Donegal. Visit their website here.

Working across the range of aggregate products but more especially on the SMA and other hot surface dressings, the company have enjoyed the benefit of circa 29T payload to the most remote destination of West Donegal from their Churchill operating centre, just outside Letterkenny.

At first a very new approach for the drivers and paver crews, but a process that is made so easy and adaptable by the paver driver having the full control of the materials feed at all times.

We have carried out some basic maintenance checks in readiness for the next trials with another major contractor in the road surfacing sector. Watch this space as this new floor system offers great payload advantages over other conventional asphalt moving floor systems.

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