Understanding Moving Floor Trailers

6 Apr 2023

Moving floor trailers, sometimes referred to as walking floor trailers have a number of uses and can be the perfect solution if you have a large haul that needs moving.

But if you've not really heard about these before, let alone used one, how do you know if this type of vehicle is right for you and when is best to use one?

Well, the more you know about moving floor trailers and the benefits of using these, the better equipped you’ll be to make this decision.

In the guide below, we’re going to take a look at moving floor trailers in more detail so you can understand what they are used for.

What is a moving floor trailer and how does it work?

Let’s start by looking at what these trailers are. The name actually gives a lot away, this is a trailer used for transporting big loads of goods or materials. However, it’s not a traditional trailer, instead, it is a hydraulically-driven conveyance system that helps to load and unload the products within.

What we mean by this is the floor is made up of slats that move backwards and forward, giving this the appearance of a moving (or walking) floor.

The slats can move either in unison or alternately, so they are able to move loose materials, as well as large products like pallets.

As the slats move, whatever is resting upon them will move in the chosen direction. So they can either be moved in without the need for a forklift or someone getting in and out of the trailer, or they can be unloaded without the need for it to tip.

What are these trailers used for and by who?

As we’ve said, these types of trailers can move large volumes of loose materials, products or large goods. This means they serve several purposes and though they can be used by lots of different businesses, there are certain industries that will benefit the most from these vehicles.

This type of trailer is often used for loading and unloading loose materials like rubble, soil, wood, glass, pellets, rubbish, agricultural products and more. It can also be used to carry large items like barrels or pallets and these pallets can themselves be loaded with all kinds of goods. This is why it is such a versatile vehicle.

Keeping all this in mind, these trailers tend to be used most commonly for agricultural and construction, retail and waste management. Of course, when it comes down to it they can be used by anyone or any business that needs an easy way to load and transport large orders.

The benefits of moving floor trailers

In this final section, we’ll look at why professionals in these industries, or anyone for that matter, might choose a moving floor trailer over a traditional one. Some of the key benefits of these vehicles include:

1. Easier loading and unloading

Something we’ve touched on already, but as these trailers are essentially able to load and unload with little human intervention, they are much quicker and easier to use. No one needs to keep getting in and out moving the goods, or shovelling loose materials out the back.

Instead, the trailer will move any goods or materials in and out without the need to tip. This reduces the amount of manual work needed and makes the process quicker and simpler for everyone involved.

2. Increased safety

The fact that the moving slats do most of the hard work means that these trailers are much safer to use. With no one climbing in and out, this reduces the risk of an injury, this is made even safer by the fact that they don’t need to tip. This way, they can be used in trickier areas like those with bridges, low trees or phone lines. Plus, the controlled loading and unloading makes it safer to move goods in more treacherous conditions and bad weather.

3. Treading uneven ground

One of the greatest benefits of these trailers is that they can be taken onto uneven ground and still loaded or unloaded simply and safely. As the goods are controlled going in and out and there’s no need to tip, these trailers can venture across rocky or rough terrain that larger haul trucks can’t.

4. Value for money

Finally, using a moving floor trailer can help your business to save money. This is because it reduces the amount of labour required to load and unload the goods, and it also makes both of these processes faster. Plus, the large size of these vehicles means you can fit plenty inside, reducing the number of journeys you need to make.