An update from the bmi group!

5 Mar 2012

Following on from a successful first few months of the financial year, the bmi group can envisage a strong finish to our second quarter in March.

We are predicting a 12% increase in sales from the same period last year and are hopeful that this positive trend will continue throughout the remainder of this year. This improvement in fortunes is thanks largely to a number of ongoing contracts which were secured with long standing customers like Biffa and Britania Crest, and the procurement of other new customers also.

Sales on used and re-made trailers is certainly on the increase and with the bmi policy to always buy back a bmi made trailer as part of a trade-in deal, we can confidently offer our customers good, reliable re-made trailers at competitive prices, re-made in their colours with any spec changes that fall within the standard range offered. Visit our previous customer section to view photos of a recently delivered re-made vehicle.